• Water



Technical assistance for the completion of the second cycle of planning including assessment and monitoring of the hydrological plan after its entry into force, as well as design, monitoring and control of the measures to achieve a good ecological condition of water bodies and support in the dissemination, information and public participation processes.

All the foregoing seeks to meet the objectives of water planning, which is achieving  a good condition and adequate protection of public hydraulic domain and waters, meeting water demands, balance and harmonization of regional and sectoral development increasing the availability of the resource protecting its quality, economizing its utilization and streamlining its uses in harmony with the environment and other natural resources, following sustainability criteria in water utilization through integrated management and long-term protection of water resources. Likewise, water planning should help mitigate the effects of floods and droughts.

  • Plan implementation Follow up, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Coordination of information with the different competent authorities
  • Design and characterization of the plan’s measures.
  • Assistance in Public Information Processes
  • Assistance in Public Participation processes: reception, reply and / or incorporation of allegations to the Plan
  • Definition of environmental flows
  • Development of Environmental Sustainability Report
  • Economic and Environmental Characterization of the Plan
  • Scientific advice on environmental and socio-economic matters.


  • Basin Area: 12,991 km2
  • Number of inhabitants: 2,070,000

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