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The high risk of flooding caused by recurring extreme events and the limited information on the availability of water resources in at the Culiacan basin led to the hiring of Creatividad y Tecnología by CONAGUA to assist basin managers in the improvement of their information systems of the water resources in order to optimize its response and its decision-making processes regarding integral water management in general and in the prevention of frequent flooding of the Culiacan Basin in particular.

If it is a successful experience, the Mexican government plans to implement a similar system nationwide. The project also includes the design of an automatic system or SCADA for monitoring the control points that allow the subsequent remote control of certain hydrological infrastructure elements of the basin through a Control Center.

  • Conceptual engineering: Technical, Economic, Environmental and Financial Feasibility Study.
  • Analysis of alternatives regarding the project: those generating less environmental impact.
  • Assessment of Flood Risk Area.
  • Hydro-climatic Risk Analysis
  • Analysis of instrumentation, communications, data collection systems, power systems in existing measurement stations and design of a database for its custom designed management.
  • Hydro-meteorological Information Collection and databases preparation for its management
  • Design, planning, development and implementation of a database for GIS information management.
  • Design of technological architecture of the network and the system taking advantage of the existing and planned infrastructure.
  • Basic and detailed engineering: Design of standard remote stations, civil and auxiliary construction, Instrumentation, Power System and protections, PLC programming and technical specifications of Water Resources Management elements.
  • Design of SCADA, Control Center (CC) and Remote Control.

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